Properly Don PPE

Published by LaraRuns4Dad

I have been working for Columbia University for almost 3 years and am now a proud student. I'm not a big cyclist, but I can tolerate running. You also may know, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 21 years ago. Last year, he biked from Central Park all the way to the Union campus in Schenectady, NY with his wonderful Union College friends to raise money for Parkinson's research (another cause near and dear to me). If he was not a doctor who strictly adhered to social distancing guidelines, I'm sure he would have done it again this year. Due to research (like some of the work of our Velocity Fellows), he has been able to survive 3 bouts of this cancer. In honor of my dad, I'm going to run a 3 5Ks every week starting September 4th - October 4th. I will be chronicling my first running/jogging (let's be honest, like anything athletic) venture since I ran a half marathon in May of 2019. God help me! Join me by making a donation of $5 to my page today (link below). 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to Columbia's Cancer Center. Become part of the Velocity community that gives back to those on the frontlines, and honors those who have suffered and lost.

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